Pad on Alluring Harvard Poolside

The Pad on Alluring Harvard Poolside is one of the significant attractions of the apartment community, snugly huddled to the close clubhouse and apartment buildings along the inner road of The Pad complex along Harvard Avenue. It includes a resort style pool with a wide poolside for basking under the sun.

The smartly designed Pad on Alluring Harvard Poolside creates the ambiance of togetherness since it is not patterned after an Olympic-size pool but intended to create a cozy, friendly and warm atmosphere.

Google Fiber Internet is available at the Pad on Alluring Harvard Poolside, and you can just relax in one of the reclining chairs with your laptop, tablet or smart phone and start surfing the web, watch your favorite news or feature program, or chat with family, friends or associates as you enjoy the cool air around the poolside.

After surfing the web, you can dip into the swimming pool and refresh yourself with its cool, clean soft water in an aquamarine background. Amidst the backdrop of the splendid clubhouse architecture in the distance, you will experience the exhilaration and excitement of diving into the facility's pool on the open air under the smiling sun.

With a wide lounging area around the poolside, appointed with sundecks and custom-built ledge chairs, the place is simply wonderful. You get an expansive view of the quiet road and trees on the north side, and a panoramic view of the apartments, panning from the south to the east to the north at the Pad on Alluring Harvard Poolside.

You get one of the most exhilarating views of the entire apartment community complex from the Pad on Harvard Poolside. Located right in at the center of the first enclave along Harvard Avenue, the poolside is simply great for outdoor lounging. Meet people by the poolside. Expand your horizons. Enjoy the good life at the Pad on Alluring Harvard Poolside.

From the Pad on Alluring Harvard Poolside, you have a number of options. If you're new in Atlanta, you might want to explore the environs surrounding the apartment community. The other landmarks close to Pad on Harvard Poolside are the restaurants along the South Terminal Parkway of the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport like La Madeleine, Caribou Coffee, Burger King, IHOP, We Juice It, and Shane's Rib Shack.

If you want to drive further, just a few minutes' drive west of Pad on Alluring Harvard Poolside are a number of restaurants you can go to like the Tony Morrow's BBQ at Main Street, the Rev Coffee College Park, and the Conley Recreation Center. You can visit site :

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The Pad On harvard 

Located in a quiet, historic College Park, Ga., The Pad on Harvard is a modern, luxury apartment community featuring studio, one and two bedroom floor plans

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